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Independent Construction Verification Consultant

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Job deadline: September 3, 2020
Job title / Position title: Independent Construction Verification Consultant
Contract type: Temporary
Languages: Arabic and English

Section: Introduction


Project Background

The Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in the North Coast and Nile Delta Regions in Egypt Project (ECCADP) aims at supporting the adaptation efforts of Egypt in the North coast and in particular the Nile Delta which is identified by the IPCC in its Fourth Assessment Report as one of the world vulnerable spots.


The objective of the project is to reduce coastal flooding risks in Egypt’s North Coast due to the combination of projected sea level rise and more frequent and intense extreme storm events. Output

  • 1 focuses on constructing 69 km of sand dune dikes at five vulnerable hotspots within the Nile Delta that were identified during an engineering scoping assessment and technical feasibility study.
  • Output 2 focuses on the development of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) plan for the entire North Coast, to manage long-term climate change risks and provide Egypt with adaptability to impending flood risks.

The project will facilitate transformational change in the short-term by reducing coastal flooding threats along vulnerable hotspots in the Delta and in the long-term by integrating additional risks of climate change into coastal management and planning, budgeting and implementation of risk reduction measures.

The Project is implemented by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and is funded from the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The project is managed by a Project Management  Unit  (PMU)  which  is  led  by  the  executive  project  manager  and  includes  staff assisting the manager in carrying the various management tasks.

The project seeks to recruit an independent construction verification consultant to assist in the verification of the implementation of output 1 that is focused on construction of 69 Km soft protection  systems  in hotspots along the Nile Delta shores as described in the below table.

Governorate Start / End X Y
1 Area 1: KAfr Elshiekh From 30°49’14.91″ 31°32’22.86″
to 30°31’34.76″ 31°27’24.55″
2 Area 2: Port Said from 32°9’45.24″ 31°18’44.30″
To 32°3’13.30″ 31°22’5.83″
3 Area 3: Behira From 30°21’40.43″ 31°26’38.85″
To 30°20’15.77″ 31°23’37.08″
4 Area 4: Damietta From 31°42’39.68″ 31°28’7.74″
To 31°35’14.32″ 31°26’33.56″
5 Area 5: Dakahlia From 31°30’42.40″ 31°27’14.16″
To 31°24’45.46″ 31°29’52.56″

Section: Responsibilities / Duties

Duties and responsibilities:

Under  the  full  supervision  of  the  Project  field  officer  and  oversight  of  United  Nations Development Program (UNDP), the independent construction verification consultant duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Get acquainted with the engineering design for the soft protection systems
  • Review and eventually approve construction contractors’ invoices and bill of quantities Conduct, as frequent as needed, but, no  longer than  monthly, site visits to verify  the progress  of  the  construction  work  at  one  or  more  of  above  mentioned  five  areas  as compared to the work plans and issued invoices
  • Report work progress and deviations from design and/or tender terms and conditions.
  • Advise on corrective measures for the any defects in the construction activities
  • Verify compliance with the Project Environment and Social Management Framework and the site specific Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Verify compliance with precaution measures against COVID 19 (Corona virus)
  • Maintain work confidentiality at all times.

Site visit reports should, at least, include the following:

  • A track record of all relevant activities undertaken by the consultant.
  • A detailed comparison of the work progress at the project construction site against work plans, engineering designs and invoices.
  • Deviations  and/or  changes  to  the  design  of  protection  (if  any)  at  each  project construction site
  • Corrective measures to fix any deviations from the engineering drawings
  • Recommendations to speed up construction works

Final report at the end of the implementation of the project construction site shall, at least, include the following:

  • Final account of project implementation against proposed work plans and issued invoices.
  • As built drawings of the protection work with a list of changes made to the proposed design (if any) and justification of those changes.
  • Lessons learned and recommendations for future improvements.

Section: Requirements: Education / Experience / Languages / other requirements:

Expected experience of the consultancy firm:
  • A minimum of ten (10) years of professional experience in the area of shore protection systems especially soft protection systems or other relevant projects.
  • Previous work experience with similar projects, in particular with international agencies, is strongly recommended
  • Familiarity and prior experience with UNDP requirements and procedures operational rules are preferable but not mandatory.
  • Demonstrated experience and success in the engagement of and working with government counterparts and the private sector;
  • Knowledge of relevant national and local institutions at would be an advantage.

Section: Extra information 

  • Please submit your application and a recent CV on a P11 form that can be obtained from (http://www.eg.undp.org/content/dam/egypt/docs/Vacancies/P11form.doc) with at least three references and the following to the below email specifying the title of the post:
  • A technical offer including methodology of construction review and monitoring which include all the steps to make verification for the quality of works , the contractors’ invoices and what will be the used equipment, tools and data in the office and the site to verify the contractors’ invoices and approve them
  • A financial offer including an average daily rate based on three days mission (Two days in the office and one in the field). The average daily rate must include VAT, travel cost and any other additional fees

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed [email protected]


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UN Jobs summary report

Don’t lose a job deadline again 

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